Vlog26: An Insider’s Look at Amazon Strategy

There are a lot of moving parts involved with successfully selling and advertising products on Amazon. Many brands simply aren’t sure where to start, and once good content and advertising strategies are put in place, each one needs to be carefully monitored and optimized to continue to see good results.

To help brands understand the cornerstones of a successful Amazon strategy, we’ve created three new videos that cover a variety of topics from content creation and management to data analysis and implementation.

An Insider’s Look at Retail-Ready Product Pages

In this video, Account Manager Alyssa Sparza explains how she works with brands to get product page basics right – and then take their Amazon strategy to the next level. Ensuring that product titles, bullets, and descriptions are informative and well-written means customers are more likely to leave a positive rating or review. With the basics in place, important data from customer reviews and Amazon Advertising campaigns can be used to continually optimize content and drive performance.

An Insider’s Look at Amazon Advertising Strategies

Many of our clients approach us because they’re tasked with more responsibilities than there are hours in the day to complete them. Large-scale companies are already busy negotiating with Amazon on price, dealing with stock issues, and aligning promotional calendars, so building, optimizing, and managing Amazon Advertising campaigns often isn’t feasible in-house. Account Director Will Giersch explains how content26 varies its workflow to meet client needs for a tailored approach to Amazon Advertising.

An Insider’s Look at Amazon ROI

Once product pages are built and brands have content and advertising strategies in place, a variety of useful information can be gathered to improve and optimize sales and search rankings. In our third video, Senior Account Manager Dave McCaul explains how he uses Amazon data to improve the shopper journey. By drawing out specific action items for clients on a weekly basis, content and ad campaigns can be optimized from the search bar to the “Buy” button.

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