Vlog26: Budget Pacing for Amazon Advertising

Do you have Amazon budget pacing woes? Have your Amazon pay-per-click campaigns come to a halt before most Americans eat breakfast because you’ve blown through your entire budget for the day?

You are not alone. Companies that come to us for help with Amazon Advertising (formerly known as Amazon Marketing Services) cite issues with Amazon budget pacing as a major pain point.

Budget pacing is defined by ExactDrive as a tool which allows you to spend your campaign’s budget “evenly across an allotted time period.” Companies have created tools specific to Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Amazon is no exception.

Budget pacing is an important component to the health of your Amazon ad campaigns. In this content26 vlog, I look at the two root causes for why companies run out of budget and make a case for using tools to help with Amazon budget pacing.

Editor’s Note: On September 5, 2018, Amazon rebranded its advertising platform. Amazon Marketing Services changed to Amazon Advertising and Amazon Advertising Platform changed to Amazon DSP, among other changes. This blog post was changed on October 5, 2018 to reflect those changes.

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