Walmart Continues to Pursue E-Commerce Success

walmart_logo_214x54The retail chain Walmart continues to look for ways to increase its revenues from e-commerce. The company recently announced that it will install lockers in stores that customers can use to pick up online orders. Amazon and Google have recently launched their own locker test initiatives as well. also debuted a new homepage that makes it easy to shop online, research products, and track down store information. Additionally, the retailer has expanded its Scan and Go system that lets customers scan items with their smartphones and then use their phones to make the purchase.

Walmart’s head of global e-commerce, Neil Ashe, recently told reporters that the company was proving it could innovate to provide superior shopping experiences. While Ashe didn’t mention the company’s direct competitor, Amazon, he did acknowledge that Walmart “compete(s) with pretty much everyone, and we’re comfortable with that.” currently offers approximately 2 million items on its e-commerce site and Ashe said the company is on track to reach $9 billion in global e-commerce sales this year.

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