Want to Compete with Amazon? Start Offering Remarkable Content

It’s time for comparison shopping engines (CSEs) such as Nextag, Shopzilla, and Google Product Search to improve their content. This really hit home during the research I did for a guest post on the CPC Strategy blog. Most of the shopping engines I checked out were littered with single-paragraph product descriptions and unhelpful product images.

I argue in the guest post that it’s not enough to merely do a price check and then send shoppers on to other sites. Shopping engines need to offer great content if they want to compete with Amazon and also set themselves apart from other CSEs.

My guest post offers a case study of the product description for a stereo receiver across Shopzilla, Google Product Search, and Amazon. The post also looks at what shopping engines can do to improve their product-detail page content.

You can read the full article at cpcstrategy.com.


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