Webcollage Mosaic Brings Enhanced Content Elements to the Top of the Page

Enhanced content is a crucial component of online product pages. But, on a majority of retail sites, it is submerged below the fold. Content management platform Webcollage recently rolled out a new feature that brings some elements of enhanced content above the fold. Called Webcollage Mosaic, the feature not only pulls the content closer to the top of the page but also closer to the buy button.

Below on the left, you can see the red eye icon next to several options for exploring this Keurig brewing system. This is how Webcollage Mosaic appears on Staples.com.

What is Webcollage?

Webcollage is a syndication platform that lets brands send content to more than 600 online retailers worldwide. Brands can manage rich content elements, such as comparison charts, image galleries, interactive tours, and written content, through one source. Webcollage sends the content out and adjusts it to fit the look and specifications of each retailer.

Content26 helps clients manage product content through the Webcollage platform.

Webcollage Mosaic – Adding Content Above the Fold

Since Webcollage syndicates content to fit retailer specifications, the rich content usually sits below the main product image and often requires consumers to scroll before seeing this content. With Mosaic, Webcollage clients can add content next to the main product shot at the top of the page. A small icon next to the product shot allows consumers to expand and explore the product further through videos, 360-degree tours, hotspot images, and more.

Just like other content through Webcollage, the Mosaic content is managed from a single location and syndicated to sites selected by the brand.

Webcollage Mosaic is optimized for all screen types. Whether a consumer is looking at a product on their mobile device, tv, or laptop, the content will adapt to display in the best format for their view.

Examples of Mosaic

Webcollage Mosaic Tour

This Fellowes paper shredder is using Webcollage Mosaic to display an interactive product tour. The feature encourages consumers to click between product features as the tour zooms in on the various benefits of the shredder.

Webcollage Mosaic Video Example

This screenshot shows how videos are accessed through Mosaic on BJs.com.

Benefits for Brands

Webcollage Mosaic introduces something brands have long been eager for: more interactive, robust content higher on the page. While some retailers allow for videos or extras in some form above the fold, Webcollage syndication allows for consistency across retailers and rich content on retailers that did not previously have those options.

Generally, Webcollage reports that products with interactive content convert at a higher rate than non-engageable content. Allowing the consumer to discover and explore more about the product the moment they hit the page gives products a significant edge.

Want more information? Read the Webcollage press release here or contact info@content26.com.

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