Weekly Content Critique: Samsung HDTV

Coincidentally, the product page for review this week is also for an HDTV: the Samsung LCD HDTV on B&H. It fairs better than last week’s Sears Sceptre, though–think of the Sceptre as the sacrificial lamb in a series of HDTV product page reviews. No, I did not just commit to another HDTV example next week. It’s conceptual. I’m pretty much over typing “HDTV.”

The introduction: 5 pings

5-pings (wide)
It can be tough to create good content for consumer electronics (take it from someone who knows). There’s a lot of technical information and language to get through. There are choices to make about what’s important to include and what can be left out. It’s a delicate balancing act, much like what this fine feline creature is striving for. I’m impressed by B&H’s introduction–it couches a bit of technical in a conversational tone, which is just right.

And, oh, be still my heart. “Its” and “it’s” inhabit the same sentence (which is short a comma), both properly applied.

Informative copy: 3 pings

3-pings (wide)
This page uses lists liberally. Bullets next to the main image serve as a short checklist of required or desired items. It reminds me of apartment hunting–hardwood floor? Check. Plenty of windows? Check. Secure fenced-in area for my guard dog? Well, that’s a negotiable point.

The beautiful introduction above is followed by a second short paragraph that I found perfectly satisfying until I got to the list of features below it. All but one sentence of the paragraph is repeated verbatim somewhere in the list. I don’t tolerate that kind of thing. The features list itself is fine, but I would scrap the second paragraph entirely and focus on writing an immaculate feature/benefit narrative.

Effective images: 4 pings

I don’t spend much time around televisions, so it took me a minute to fully appreciate the array of images presented. Images from different perspectives are always good, no matter the product. Showing multiple angles of a TV is smart because, presumably, people will be watching said TV from different locations in a room. I don’t know why they didn’t include a right slant view, though–this seems like a glaring absence in the otherwise competent presentation. Balance, people.

What I’m buying: 4 pings

Yup, I know what to expect: a TV, a remote, and warranty information. It’s likely that cables will be needed, and the site does not make it entirely clear what cables those are–the items listed under “Essential Accessories” are certainly not all essential. Do I need a wall mount for this TV? No. Connecting cables? Probably.

Design: 4 pings

I really wish they’d dealt with the presentation of what’s included and what you need a little differently. This page is a vast improvement over one that tries to sell you recommended accessories before you know what you’re buying in the first place, but it’s still lacking. It seems only logical, for instance, that the “What’s in the Box” tab should be in the place of the “Accessories” tab (see the first screenshot). And take a look at this bit of the “Overview” section–it’s just kind of ugly. Overall, however, the page is easy to navigate and easy to look at.

Final score: 4 pings

This is a good product page, though it has some of the problems common to pages for consumer electronics. I wouldn’t buy the TV (because I don’t want to own a TV), but I’d buy from B&H.

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