Westinghouse Lighting Case Study

Early this year, iconic Westinghouse Lighting entrusted content26 to manage a full-scale overhaul of its online product-detail content across its major online channels. Westinghouse Lighting aimed to greatly expand its online presence and reach consumers who increasingly shop for and research products online.

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The strategy was to produce multiple versions of accurate and thorough content–one for each of Westinghouse Lighting’s most important e-commerce channels.

The project was a great success for several reasons.

First, the “multi-tiered” approach of addressing the most important online accounts with tailor-made content created consistent and accurate content across their online channels. According to Managing Editor Devon Gualtieri:

“While each account had unique content customized for the target audience, we worked with Westinghouse Lighting marketing and product managers to make certain every description and specification was accurate and consistent across the platforms.”

Second, Westinghouse Lighting placed full control of the new content build into the hands of their marketing team. Unlike many companies that delegate their online channels across several individuals or departments, having a single department responsible for content creation and budgeting helped ensure that the final outputs would create an efficient, cost-saving process. Said content26 Managing Director Tony Martinelli,

“Most of the companies we work with still manage each of their e-commerce channels as completely separate entities…But when companies select a multi-channel approach to content development, they experience significant costs savings when compared to the costs of managing each channel separately.”

There are many other benefits that Westinghouse Lighting realized from our multi-tiered approach to content.

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