What Are QR Codes Good for, Anyway?

What do your customers expect when they scan a QR code? This question continues to baffle many brands.

Back in 2010, companies were sending people to their Facebook page or website. More recently, brands have begun using the QR codes as a way to deliver product information to smartphone-addicted shoppers. But that’s not necessarily what a majority of shoppers are looking for, according to eMarketer.

A recent eMarketer survey shows that only one out of four smartphone shoppers wants product or service info when scanning codes, while 43 percent want coupons, discounts, special offers and freebies.

“What consumers want from their 2-D barcode experience and what brands deliver are typically at odds,” according to the article. “Consumers want deals and discounts. Brands want to deliver information.”

You can read more about the study at emarketer.com.

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