5 Reasons Enhanced Content Works

When it comes to selling online, the product page is the product on the shelf. And once the shopper gets to the product page, enhanced content closes the sale by showcasing the product’s most important features and benefits.

How does enhanced content differ from the standard description usually found on a product page?

How Enhanced Product Pages Are Different

Cheerios enhanced content on Amazon

Cheerios has compelling Amazon A+ content

Enhanced content goes beyond the basic overview to create a rich online shopping experience. Enhanced content (which Amazon refers to as A+ Enhanced Marketing Content or simply A+ Content), anticipates all the details online shoppers may want to know about a product. Beginning with a short, informative product intro, enhanced content includes supporting paragraphs focused on consumer benefits with scannable headers.

Enhanced content also contains multiple product images with different views, close-ups, or lifestyle photos with the product in action. Concise bullet points tie features to benefits. Customers know exactly what they’re buying because enhanced pages contain accurate “What’s in the box” lists. Other elements may include video, 360 views, and comparison charts.

For a breakdown on the elements of enhanced content on Amazon, check out our infographic: Anatomy of an A+ Page.

Why Enhanced Content Works

  1. Appeals to different shopping styles. Some shoppers read every paragraph for every detail. Others prefer to scan bolded headers and bullet points for a general overview. Images and videos appeal to visual learners and can easily illustrate product attributes. Product matrices help shoppers easily compare multiple offerings within a product line.
  2. Creates a good first impression. Product descriptions have a short window to impress. Seven seconds, to be exact. The web is saturated with choices. Providing compelling, useful information is an effective way to capture your customers’ attention and help them reach a decision.
  3. Boosts search engine optimization. Enhanced content gets found. The first 150 words of your product description will show up in search results and be broadcast around the web. Effective enhanced content also incorporates SEO keywords for better organic search results. Take advantage of this “butterfly effect” so content is effective, wherever it ends up.
  4. Offers a compelling digital shopping experience. Enhanced content builds consumer confidence and puts the customer first. Enhanced pages have the benefit-focused content shoppers need to make good purchases. In the digital arena, consumer trust is built on useful, compelling, and accurate information.
  5. Increases sales, both online and in-store. Knowledge is power—and it also sells products. Many shoppers use the web as the first-step in researching potential buys, regardless of whether the purchase is made online or at a brick and mortar.

enhanced content and the buy button

Let the Experts Help

As effortless as a great enhanced product page may seem, it takes skill to make it all happen. That’s where content26.comes in. Our strategic approach to enhanced content is accelerating the online sales of some of the world’s most iconic brands.

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The Takeaway

Pay attention to your product page content. Use enhanced content to turn your product page content into a strategic asset that will drive online traffic and purchases.

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