What Should Your Brand Site Do for You?

After years of concentrating on the effects of social media on conversion, it may be time for companies to take a closer look at their own .com sites.

At eMarketer, a new report dives into the particular benefits a brand site can bring to a company’s online representation. Although brand sites traditionally get fairly low numbers of views compared to more diverse online retailers, customers who explore the content offered there spend 37 percent more when seeking those brands in retail stores. Furthermore, customers have dramatically higher confidence in the content found on brand sites–48 percent trust the product details found on a brand site. By comparison, the same study found that just 22 percent of customers trusted content found on mainstream news sites.

While Facebook likes and hits may be the more thrilling statistics, companies may benefit from giving some attention to the less sexy numbers and slower growth that can result from full, rich, accurate content at their own domain.

Learn more at emarketer.com.

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