When Your Hero Image Isn’t

A hero image is your webpage’s lead and the hook that should sink into your reader to make them want more. Whether it’s the lifestyle image in your site’s header or the main image of a product description, your hero image should tell the reader why you’re both there, why the page exists, and what the logical next step is. But what happens if your artfully shot, aspirational hero is just muddying your message?

Get Elastic has a comprehensive guide to how your hero may be less than heroic–and how to make it stand up and be a proper champion for your business. There’s a lot that can go wrong between your good intentions and a straightforward site with uncluttered images and clear calls to action.

Maybe you’re trying to make the most of your reader’s fleeting attention by shoving more than one product into your hero–only to find you’re obscuring what’s actually being sold. Or maybe last year’s uber-successful PowerPoint presentation has left your corporate communication with a tragic case of overly bulleted content that’s even infected your images. Either way, the road to a confident hero image is also the one that leads to rich content with rich media–and customers who know what they want and how to get it.

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