Will Google Create New Opportunities for Retailers?

Courtesy of Google:google.com/ads/shopping/

Courtesy of Google: google.com/ads/shopping/

Rumors have begun circulating that Google will begin taking orders for retail chains. The chains will then fulfill the online orders from their brick-and-mortar stores, in some cases offering same-day delivery.

Internet Retailer‘s Don Davis calls this an “anti-Amazon strategy.”

“Stores know they are losing sales to Amazon, and fear they will lose even more now that most consumers enter stores with access to Amazon.com and other online retail sites in their pockets, in the form of a smartphone,” Davis notes.

Yet Davis also notes that any partnership between Google and retailers will face significant hurdles, including operational issues as well as concerns about giving Google too much power over their e-commerce fortunes.

You can read more at internetretailer.com.

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