Will Tinyview Solve M-Commerce’s Problems?

TinyviewMobile commerce is still working out the kinks; checkout can be a pain, and switching between apps and waiting for mobile sites to load must get tedious. One new startup might change that. Tinyview, a mobile site and iPhone app, gives shoppers access to 50 retailers in one user interface (for an affiliate fee on each sale).

Consumers can view any participating merchant’s store within the Tinyview interface and save products to a list (and share that list via Facebook). And the apparently popular trending section tracks products most saved, offering product discovery for shoppers and exposure for smaller retailers.

This mobile shopping mall also addresses the issue of filling out forms with an auto-fill feature, where consumers can save billing, shipping, and payment information. As co-founder Raj Lalwani explains, consumers can usually “buy a product and checkout completely without a single keystroke.”

Read more about Tinyview at internetretailer.com.

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