Worldwide, Online Spending Is Increasingly Mobile

This just in from Econsultancy: The Brits spend more of their disposable income online than any other European nation surveyed in WorldPay’s Global Online Shopper Report (and slightly more than US consumers). That little fact by itself is of no great consequence.

What’s more interesting is the direct correlation between online spending and smartphone purchasing. Chinese and Indian consumers spend the highest percentage of disposable income online and use smartphones more often for those online purchases. The report found well over half of “heavy spenders”–shoppers who spend more than 30 percent of their disposable income online–worldwide have purchased online via a mobile device in the past three months.

If you’re terribly interested in such details as what percentage of people shop while they’re in the bathroom or on overseas retail sites, read the full report. I’m more interested in how predictive that data is of the future of online content. As Worldpay’s chief product officer, Philip McGriskin, said: “This increased mobility is expanding the audience of potential consumers for merchants to target but, in tandem, presents challenges in offering the best experience for these consumers whenever and wherever they demand it.”

In other words, strong multichannel content is the name of the game. And hey, if your weak spot is video, Google just launched a help site called Brandcast for brands trying to reach their audiences on YouTube. Just remember to keep clips short for all those mobile shoppers.

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