Bai Case Study


Product Lines: Beverages
Price Range: $15-$25
Monthly Budget: $35K (on average)

Bai Beverages turned to content26 to improve Amazon Advertising results.

Content26 reorganized and restructured Bai’s Amazon Advertising campaigns, injecting 17,000 keywords and expanding campaigns for top-selling products.

In the year since content26 took over control of the campaigns from Amazon, the ROAS has risen from 1.8x to 4.3x and the total revenue has risen 150%.

At a Glance

  • By restructuring 125 Amazon Advertising campaigns, content26 doubled ROAS for Bai
  • Creating new campaigns for top-selling products and injecting targeted keywords led to greatly increased returns
  • One year after taking over the campaigns, content26 delivered a 150% increase in Amazon Advertising revenue

Bai Slashes Amazon Advertising Costs with Restructured Campaign Approach

We couldn’t be happier with how content26 has handled our Amazon Advertising campaigns. They set up the campaigns in such a way that it was really easy to see what was and wasn’t working and adjust accordingly. That level of attention to detail made a big difference in ROAS.

Calvin Lammers
Senior Ecommerce Manager at Bai

In 2016, Bai came to content26 to create Amazon content and manage Amazon Advertising campaigns for over 50 of their products.

Bai – an up-and-coming brand in the health-conscious flavored water and carbonated beverages market—asked content26 to restructure Amazon ad campaigns and to increase their effectiveness. The result has been a dramatic increase in Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Targeted Campaigns Lead to Improved Conversions

When content26 took over control of Bai’s marketing campaigns in September of 2016, the first step was to turn off and phase out old, ineffectual campaigns.

One-hundred-twenty-five new campaigns were created for the top-selling drinks, with 17,000 targeted keywords injected, observed, and adapted for usefulness.

Prior to content26 managing Amazon Advertising, Bai received a 1.8x ROAS. In the first quarter of 2017, with content26 running the Amazon Advertising campaigns, Bai received a 4.3x ROAS, leading to a 150% increase in ad revenue.

A look at the average monthly Google searches shows that there were roughly the same amount of queries for Bai-related keywords in the first quarters of 2016 and 2017.

This means that even with a relatively unchanged web presence between these time periods, content26 was able to more than double Bai’s Return on Ad Spend by effectively monitoring and managing their Amazon Advertising campaigns.

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