Newell Brands Case Study


As part of its digital transformation efforts, Newell Brands needed to improve ecommerce content across its entire product catalog.

The $13 billion consumer goods company partnered with content26 to create high-quality content at scale.


Content26 and Newell teams have worked together to develop an efficient process for producing high-quality content at scale. This has allowed Newell to publish more than 9,000 product descriptions in one year.

At a Glance

In order to drive growth in ecommerce, we knew that we needed to improve the content across our entire catalog. Content26 adapted to our internal content team's proven production process and they showed true flexibility to work within our cadence.

Steve Guillemette
Senior Manager for Global Ecommerce at Newell Brands
  • In one year, content26 edited or created product descriptions for over 9,000 Newell ecommerce product pages worldwide.
  • In one quarter, content26 cut average project turnaround time by 42 percent.
  • On average, content26 writes and designs 632 essential and enhanced product descriptions per month while maintaining branding and quality assurance.

Newell Brands Makes Content the Cornerstone to Its Digital Transformation

Content26 delivers when it comes to large-scale projects. They have created excellent online content for thousands of Newell Brands products, quickly delivering high-quality and accurate work every time. We are happy to call them an extension of our team.

Steve Guillemette
Senior Manager of Global Ecommerce, Newell Brands

With ecommerce expected to drive a huge proportion of Newell Brands’ growth over the next five years, the company has made content a key component of its digital transformation strategy.

Newell realized early on that creating content for 60+ brands across its worldwide ecommerce channels would require outside help. In early 2016, Newell turned to content26 to become an integral part of their ecommerce strategy.

With more than a decade of experience creating ecommerce marketing content, content26 stepped in and quickly became a trusted partner to Newell Brands. In one year, content26 updated or created retailer-optimized content for more than 9,000 Newell Brands product pages worldwide.

Content26 Tackles Vast Newell Brands Content Project, Delivers Results

Content26 team members worked with their counterparts at Newell to develop efficient content creation processes. The cooperative back-and-forth lead to improvements in project tracking and workflow.

In addition, the teams established a system of daily check-ins and weekly deep dives. Content26 created daily and weekly reports which get imported into Newell’s analytics platform. This detailed reporting gives the Newell team a high level of visibility and insight into the progress of ongoing projects.

As content26 project managers mastered Newell’s workflow patterns, the partnership became increasingly efficient. In one quarter, content26 cut average project turnaround time by 42 percent.

What makes Newell a unique client for us is that they wanted us to become an extension of their team; that mutual trust enabled us to achieve amazing efficiency and quality.

Will Giersch content26’s Newell Account Manager

Speed Wins the Day for Two Powerhouse Newell Brands

I’m in awe of the organizational genius that went into these projects. We were able to maintain quality writing and design, even with huge volumes and tight deadlines.

Will Giersch
content26's Newell Account Manager

One of Newell Brand’s top priorities for the first quarter of 2017 was to create Amazon content for two of its powerhouse brands: Rubbermaid and Sharpie.

The scope was massive, including more than 550 Rubbermaid and 800+ Sharpie products. The content26 team finished both projects in just under four months while simultaneously assembling content for another 650 products scattered across other Newell brands

Attention to Detail Makes Newell Brand Product Pages Stand Out

When building Newell Brand product pages, content26’s team has kept a razor-sharp focus on quality.

Numerous editors, copywriters, and producers are needed to produce content on such a large scale. Content26 also has Quality Assurance teams in place to ensure product descriptions are written with a similar voice, format and sentence structure.

Newell’s Steve Guillemette said he’s happy with the results.

The new content is definitely helping our brands stand out on Amazon. There’s no doubt in our minds that improving our content has been a key part of our success on Amazon and elsewhere.

Steve Guillemette Senior Manager of Global Ecommerce, Newell Brands

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