Newell Rubbermaid Case Study


Product Line: Food Storage
Price Range: $7-$25

Newell Rubbermaid turned to content26 to help reorganize and restructure 31 food storage Amazon Advertising campaigns.

Content26 optimized keywords and employed negative keywords in a bid to increase return on ad spend and decrease the cost per click.

By modifying and restructuring the existing campaigns, content26 was able to increase the return on ad spend by 3x and decrease the average cost per click to $0.44.

At a Glance

  • By restructuring 31 campaigns for Newell Storage product lines, content26 was able increase ROAS by 3x
  • After only three weeks, the average cost per click decreased from $1.24 to $0.44.

Restructuring Amazon Campaigns Boosts Rubbermaid Product Lines by 3x

Amazon Advertising is a unique tool that allows us to promote our brands and products to Amazon customers. With Amazon ads, we can accelerate the sales rank of new product launches, defend against key competitors, and more effectively capitalize on marketing and promotional activities that are occurring with our brands.

Andrew Stauffer
Manager, Amazon Marketing Activation at Newell Brands

In 2016, Newell Brands began working with content26 on a massive content and Amazon Advertising overhaul across the myriad of brands under the Newell umbrella.

In 18 months, content26 updated or created retailer-optimized content for more than 9,000 Newell Brands product pages. In addition, content26 built AMS campaigns across 9 brands.

As part of its Amazon effort, Newell asked content26 to take a closer look at the Amazon Advertising campaigns for Rubbermaid Food Storage product lines. Content26 stopped existing campaigns, reorganizing and relaunching them to improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Restructuring Campaigns to Maximize Performance

The Rubbermaid Food Storage project initially began with 6 Amazon search ad campaigns across product lines such as FreshWorks and TakeAlongs, eventually expanding to a total of 31 campaigns.

The first step for each campaign was to identify the keywords associated with each campaign, and if they were insufficient, to create new, optimized keywords and inject them into the ads. In addition, duplicate keywords were eliminated across campaigns and negative keywords were used to ensure relevancy.

After only three weeks of restructuring Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Product ads for Rubbermaid food storage brands, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for these campaigns tripled.

Adjusting Cost Per Click for Better Performance

In addition to restructuring search terms, it was also crucial to adjust inefficient Cost Per Click (CPC) rates.

Changes made to the campaigns brought the average CPC down from $1.24 to $0.44.

Content26 began restructuring these campaigns in April 2016. By December, control of the improved campaigns was handed back to Newell Brands for the company to continue to actively manage and optimize them.

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