Philips Sonicare Case Study

An Agile Content Strategy

An Agile Content Strategy

Philips Sonicare Summary

Customer Profile:
Since being acquired by Philips in 2000, Sonicare has become recognized globally as an innovator in oral healthcare.

Founded: 1988
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Provide best-in-class product information across all online sales channels (Target, Walmart, etc.)

Partner with content26 to generate a process that efficiently creates, customizes, and distributes multichannel content

Philips Sonicare launched site-specific content via a new sales platform in less than one week

Philips Sonicare Creates an Agile Content Strategy

Educating customers about the features and benefits of our products is an important part of our digital marketing strategy. By creating site-specific, user-friendly product pages, we provide a great consumer experience across all of our major retail channels.

Amanda Greenberg
Digital Marketing Manager, Philips Sonicare

When Philips Sonicare launched a multichannel strategy for its full line of oral healthcare products in 2012, the brand needed informative and accurate content for all of its online sales channels.

The first step was to have content26 create enhanced product pages for more than four dozen Philips Sonicare products. That content, in turn, served as a springboard for creating site-specific product pages for Philips Sonicare’s major retail partners.

This nimble approach to content creation paid off when Philips Sonicare launched enhanced content for more than two dozen products on The platform-specific content was delivered in less than one week.

“We were so lucky we didn’t have to start from scratch,” notes Amanda Greenberg, the company’s digital marketing manager. “We were able to leverage the great content we had created for other channels and use it to create customized product pages for Target.”

Multichannel Content: Getting It Right

Brushing Teeth

When Philips plans a new product launch, the company develops an enhanced product page which includes informative, scannable text as well as multiple product images, fact boxes, and product comparison charts. Each version of the content fits the site-specific needs of its online sales channels.

“This allows us to provide each of our top five retail partners with unique content while keeping consistent messaging and branding across all of our online channels,” Amanda Greenberg says.

The company currently has more than 235 products with enhanced content on Babies R Us, Target, Walmart,, and other major retailers.

Content Needs to Reach Customers No Matter Where They Shop

Companies that want to stay relevant will need to control their product detail content and brand messaging no matter where their customers research or shop.

Online sales are becoming an important source of revenue for consumer goods companies. Industry revenues from e-commerce in the United States are expected to double in three years, reaching $25 billion in 2014, according to the research firm Nielsen. Sonicare estimates that a major part of its sales will come from online sources by 2015.

“Philips recognizes the importance of controlling their digital box across their retail channels,” remarks content26 CEO Tony Martinelli. “As a result, they built an internal structure and process that allowed us to efficiently build great content for them.”

Martinelli said he expects companies big and small to continue to re-think their approaches to selling and merchandising their products online.

“Online shoppers visit multiple sites before they buy,” Martinelli notes. “Companies that want to stay relevant will need to control their product detail content and brand messaging no matter where their customers research or shop.”

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