New Amazon Content Study: “Just Right” Content Drives Sales

We’ve always argued that high-quality, targeted content is king when it comes to selling on Amazon–and now we have another piece of evidence to back it up. New research published in the Journal of Marketing finds that carefully crafted Amazon product page content holds the key to boosting shopper engagement and sales–so long as it’s carefully tailored to suit your product and your shoppers’ expectations.

An analysis of 10,470 shoppers found that improving just one element of the Amazon product page can increase purchase intent by as much as 10%. In addition, the Amazon content study found that when multiple elements were added to a product page, Amazon sales more than doubled during a two-month field testing period.

“Brands that create an effective shopping experience on Amazon have a huge advantage over their competitors,” said Robert Palmatier, Research Director for the Sales & Marketing Strategy Institute at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. “It’s a matter of tailoring content for the brand and product that’s being sold.”

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • What types of product page content Amazon shoppers expect from brands
  • The importance of creating entertaining user experiences
  • The difference between “search” products and “experience” products
  • Amazon content study recommendations for creating “just right” content based on brand and product characteristics

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