Create Enhanced Content with Content26: Understanding the Production Process


Create enhanced content for your products with ease by working with content26.  Our writing, production, and approval process is optimized to turn your project around as quickly as possible. Here’s what to expect:

Before your project starts, you’ll need to gather assets for your products. A c26 project lead will help you ensure your project’s writer, editor, and producer have the information and images they need to make robust product-page descriptions for you. This part of the project usually takes two to three days.

Once we have your assets, we’ll write and edit the enhanced content before sending it to you for review. For most projects, your content will be written and edited within four to seven business days.

Each project includes one round of editorial revisions. This is when you and your team read through the draft product descriptions, ensure everything’s correct, and send us any changes that need to be made. The length of this part of the project depends on your team. If you have a legal team or an extended circle of stakeholders, talk to your project lead for advice on how to make the review period as short as possible.

Once your edits are incorporated and your content is good to go, we send your product images and approved text to production. Over one to five days, depending on the size of your project, we’ll design and code retailer-specific product pages for every item and sales channel.

Just like with the content, your team gets one round of revisions with the product-page design. And, like with the content, the length of this step depends on your team. If you can provide us with a list of needed changes quickly, we can process them quickly. But longer review times result in longer projects–ask your project lead for help keeping the review period short.

Once you’ve approved the completed product pages, we’ll create upload files. These can be sent to you or to your online retail partners directly. Each page will match the retailer’s coding and style guidelines precisely, resulting in an upload process that’s as smooth, easy, and fast as possible.

And just like that, your customized enhanced content is live on all of the retailers you work with. It’s fast and simple to create enhanced product pages with content26.

Let's work together.