Launching Successful Holiday Campaigns with Amazon Marketing Services (Webinar)

The holidays are always a busy time for retail brands and with more people than ever doing their holiday shopping online, brands need to focus on their digital strategies to make the most out of this shopping season.

In this webinar, content26 SEM Director Preston Keaton and SEM Account Manager Andy Fang outline a series of tips for brands looking to launch successful Amazon Advertising holiday campaigns. They overview how to select the right holiday products to showcase, how to test campaigns to ensure they’re working effectively, and the importance of bidding aggressively on CPCs while closely monitoring your budgets.

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Published on October 25, 2017.

Note: On September 5, 2018, Amazon rebranded its advertising platform. Amazon Marketing Services changed to Amazon Advertising and Amazon Advertising Platform changed to Amazon DSP, among other changes. This webinar was created before Amazon rebranded.

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Preston Keaton – Director of SEM, content26
Preston joined content26 in 2016. Prior to joining the team, he worked in digital marketing for nearly 10 years with a focus on SEM marketing. When he’s not busy optimizing campaigns, he has his hands full with his two little boys, Tyson and Cooper!

Andy Fang – SEM Account Manager, content26
Andy joined content26 in 2017. He came to content26 with over 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing & eCommerce. Outside of managing brands on, he enjoys going to live shows, wasting money on sneakers, and travelling the world.

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