Retailer Style Guides

  • Content Requirements – best practices, policies, and guidelines
  • Length – Character ranges for titles, bullets, and product descriptions
  • Titles – style requirements


Brand name first, then series name, model name, what it is (“Headphones” “Rechargeable Batteries” etc.), measurements, color, and packaging in parentheses and separated by commas, i.e., “(Black, 5.3 feet, Set of 6)” or “(Red, Body Only)”

  • Bullet Guidelines


Bullet 1: Overall synopsis of product
Bullet 2: Materials and construction
Bullet 3: Major feature(s)
Bullet 4: Minor feature(s)
Bullet 5: Included accessories

  • Units of Measurement
  • Trademark Formatting
  • Word Lists
  • Prohibited Terms
  • Image Requirements
  • Retailer Voice

 Example: speaks to customers with a voice that is at once authoritative, literate, conversational, and entertaining.

Style Guide Examples

Real-world examples of style guides in action

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