We ask all potential writers to provide a resume and complete a writing test. Before proceeding with your application, take some time to read about our approach and review example product descriptions.

Writing Process

Our freelance writers create product descriptions that are accurate, compelling, and comprehensive. Using provided resources and their own imaginations, they produce content that is informative whether shoppers skim through or read closely.

Here at content26, our philosophy and practices are grounded in years of e-commerce experience. The most effective content, in our observation, is geared personally toward the target consumer and written in a measured, journalistic tone. We tend to avoid market speak, hyperbole, sketchy claims, and appeals to emotion.

Our most successful writers are capable of writing credibly about a diverse spectrum of products. If selected, you may write about any number of consumer-grade products–from strollers to granola bars to toy robotics kits.

You must also be willing to thoroughly research the product you are writing about prior to starting your descriptions. Writers are expected to navigate multiple assets, comb out the most important product details, and weave those details into the larger narrative of their product descriptions. Good researching skills are essential.

Example Descriptions

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Freelance Rates

Depending on the type of content required, we pay between $10 and $50 per description. Once trained, our freelance writers average between $30 and $40 per hour.

Writing Test

We ask all applicants to complete a writing test, so we can evaluate whether your skills are a good fit for our needs. You’ll need to upload your completed test before submitting the application. Additional instructions are included in the download file. Please read them carefully before starting your test.

What do you mean by “freelance?”

Our freelance writers are independent contractors–they are not content26 employees. As an independent contractor, you are free to accept or reject projects we send. You are also responsible for your own office space, health insurance, taxes, and so on.

All content26 independent contractors must agree to certain terms. We will ask you to sign a freelance writer agreement before officially contracting with you.

Why do you want a networking profile?

We want to make sure you’re actually a freelance writer and not an intelligent algorithm or an industry spy. Providing a link to your profile makes verification easy. If you don’t have online professional presence, we won’t discriminate. It simply helps us check your qualifications.

May I submit writing samples?

No. We have found that writing samples outside the scope of our field don’t predict whether a writer is proficient in composing product descriptions.

What do I do if I’m having trouble with the form?

Email editor@content26.com, and we’ll do our best to help you.