Content26 Mascots

Content26 employees have so many adorable and entertaining pets that it proved impossible to choose one favorite. Here are our top-voted furry friends.


Aurora is a Shiba Inu, named after a Scandinavian folk tale that tells of a fox creating the Northern Lights by running across the tundra. Not only does Aurora look like a fox, but she is just as clever, curious, devious, and playful as one. When her humans tire of fetch – no problem! She drops her ball down the stairs in their multistory home to play by herself. During bath time, her Shiba scream can be heard for miles, and she immediately wreaks vengeance by rubbing herself all over the couch. Although she loathes getting wet, she does enjoy frolicking in snow and kayaking with her humans.

Roo, Penny & Prescott

Let us introduce two derpy Dobies -- Rhubarb aka Roo, and Penelope aka Penny -- as well as pensive Prescott the Shar Pei mix. Each of these pups has a unique movie personality. Roo is Daphne from Scooby Doo, dapper yet prone to danger. Penny is Regina from Mean Girls, the quintessential Diva who can dish out the mean but can’t take it. Prescott is Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon because his grumbles generally sound like “I’m too old for this…”


Winston, a 6-year-old Old English Sheepdog, spends much of his time delegating tasks to Adam, his lifelong friend and subordinate. Winston demands long walks before work, as well as ear scratches, and carrots. Despite weighing in at 80+ pounds, Winston insists he’s a lap dog and tries to snuggle up with Adam during client calls. Outside of his exhaustive list of responsibilities at content26, Winston can be found sitting on the couch watching the Seattle Mariners or his alma mater Gonzaga’s sports teams.


Raymond can’t decide which he loves more: the freedom of the street or the comfort of a soft bed. Found roaming the streets of Yakima, Raymond ended up escaping from numerous foster families and spent time in shelters before settling down in Edmonds. While still making the occasional getaway, he’s generally happy with his pet siblings: Emma, Walter, and Lulu.

Retired Mascots

Walter Sotoma III

Walter Sotoma III was named after the great Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton, aka “Sweetness.” But, by the age of two, Walter had already committed armed robbery, trespassing, and aggravated assault. All of Walter’s victims were hapless neighborhood dogs who Walter stalked in his quest to steal all the dog toys he could find. Walter eventually reformed, starting a promising new career as a dog trainer.


Kunik, aka “Kunie Baloony,” was born in rural Texas, his parentage unknown. He and his two brothers were orphaned after a house fire and subsequently moved to the Pacific Northwest where they were adopted via a shelter specializing in large breeds. His fabricated bio listed shepherd and malamute in his genetic background, but DNA testing indicates Kunik is descended from coyotes and/or wolves. Despite his wild genes, he has the mind of a baby kangaroo, and only wants to socialize, roughhouse, and cuddle with friends of all species and ages. As a likely direwolf, he now shares a supernatural connection with a human toddler, their bond proved by their shared gregarious nature and gorgeous golden-red hair.


Mabel, formerly known as Bubbles, is a German Shepherd adopted into a family – or one could say little zoo – in the countryside south of Seattle. This “dangerous” dog lives with five cats, a pet mouse, and a ball python. In addition to keeping busy booby trapping the house with cat poop and following her human mom around, Mabel is currently in therapy trying to overcome her stuffed toy dog phobia. “THIS THING IS NOT A TOY! URGHHHH! IT’S ALIVE!” she barked to her therapist during one of her sessions. At the end of the day, Mabel is exhausted from plotting and playing nice. “I’m going to sleep now,” Mabel says. “I will let you all live for another day.”


Paolo was a troublemaker running around the streets of Los Angeles until his luck ran out and he was incarcerated for his evil deeds. At Coyote Ridge Corrections Center, Paolo spent three months helping rehabilitate incarcerated humans and, in return, they helped rehabilitate him. The Jack Russell Terrier mix graduated from their program and was allowed back at the shelter where his human mom eventually picked him up and took him to Seattle. Paolo lives with his two human moms, two human brothers, and a canine sister. He loves to hunt and eat flies, chase tennis balls, dig after moles, nap, and stare at his human family while they eat dinner.