Thinking Big with Brand New Galaxy

Brand New Galaxy comprises 11 highly specialized companies, including content26, with more than 600 talented staff members working together across three continents to meet any e-commerce need. Below, meet some of the thought leaders, industry experts, and tireless innovators who make BNG an international end-to-end e-commerce powerhouse.

Brian Ludwicki

Creating Data-Driven Content with Synthrone

Brian Ludwicki, Head of Business Intelligence and Data Engineering at Pathfinder 23, explains the powerful tools Synthrone is building to help brands organize and modernize their content and data.

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Piotr Tomczuk

Tracking Trends with Pathfinder 23’s E-Commerce Strategy Director

Pathfinder 23’s Piotr Tomczuk discusses what’s next in e-commerce and how brands can stay ahead of the curve in this fast-changing industry.

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Pathfinder 23's Jakub Krysiak

Jakub Krysiak: What’s Next in E-Commerce Design?

Pathfinder 23’s Head of Design Operations breaks down how social media, augmented reality, and other exciting user experience trends are pushing e-commerce design into the future.

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Wiktoria Danieleswka

Prioritizing Employee Wellbeing with BNG’s New Normality Program

As Brand New Galaxy’s Chief People Officer, Wiktoria Danielewska’s job is to support BNG’s people in unpredictable times. What does that mean during an ongoing pandemic?

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Michal Jaksik

Reimagining E-Commerce Product Video with Robonauts Pictures

With their innovative E-Commerce RealFeel Methodology as a guide, Robonauts Pictures uses state-of-the-art technology to create a product experience for consumers that’s even better online than it is offline.

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Piotr Tomczuk

My E-Commerce Career: Pathfinder 23’s Piotr Tomczuk

Careers in e-commerce are as dynamic as the fast-changing industry itself. Here, E-Commerce Strategy Director Piotr Tomczuk shares his path to success, as well as his expert advice to those considering a similar career path.

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Julia Dziurbiejko

BNG’s Global E-Commerce Acceleration Team Leads the Way to Streamlined Services

This cohort of e-commerce experts, co-led by BNG’s E-Commerce COO Julia Dziurbiejko, streamlines client experience across BNG agencies and partners, from asset creation to metrics tracking.

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Lucie Dessarts

Rethinking the Client-Agency Relationship with Lucie Dessarts

Unsure how to effectively structure a client-agency relationship in the dynamic new world of e-business? Brand New Galaxy e-business consultant Lucie Dessarts shares her expertise from both a client and agency perspective.

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Frank Carvalho

Frank Carvalho: Meeting the Challenges of Global E-Commerce

With decades of experience in brand marketing and advertising communications around the world, Frank Carvalho helps Brand New Galaxy clients navigate the ever-evolving North American and European e-commerce markets.

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Ada Wachowska

Pathfinder 23 Joins the Amazon Advertising Partner Network: What Does That Mean for Clients?

Pathfinder 23 is an agency of Amazon experts, and according to Ada Wachowska, the company’s head of Amazon and media buying, joining the AAPN only furthers its deeply client-centric mission.

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